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Guess who's back. Look who's back. Haha I'm back! Risen from the Goddamn grave.
Urimanida~ Oh man it's been more than a year that I haven't been posting anything here. Can't believe that I'm still alive. Sorry for disappearing from the face of the planet. meh? I wasn't able to update my blog due to some technical problems. Eh? xD Well, things have been so damn crazy, I needed some time to sort through all of my thoughts and of course I'm lazy af

When life knocks you back...

What happened in that time, you ask? Well, quite a lot actually.
I've finished my SPM in 2014 and I got the result early 2015.
I got part time job at silver house then I quit.
I got into university mid 2015 and now I'm already finish semester 4.
I made lot's of friend and also some enemy.
I lost some friends and family member Alfatihah but life must go on.
I'll start my internship tomorrow for this semester break and there's 1 semester left before I finish my diploma insyaAllah yey!

You see, life has been hard, things began to take a scary and unforeseen turn for me. Scary because I don't know what is going on, and unforeseen because it took me completely by surprise and seemed to pop out of nowhere, but I'm grateful to have friends that always look out for me; that I'm not just a tool for entertainment or something. I have my own struggles and feelings, depressed all day and night and sometimes I just can't handle my life that I felt like I was dying.

It's not all doom and gloom. Some part of my life is just like hell and the other are just fine.

So, I come back with a new skins again. This time is dark themed and is completely different from previous template [see image above], still use blogkins tho because I'm always stupid when it's simple template or denim. It  that have bright themed. I dunno why I use pop-up page instead of simple page people usually use when I know the code is hella complicated but thanks to the power of google I manage to do it xD. I actually put a song in this entry but I dunno if it works and I'm kinda stressed over it. Please do tell me how you think about this theme, the page load kinda slow or it's my internet problem. The template probably won't stay long before I get bored and change it again xD

That's pretty much brings you up-to-date with me. I'll try to spare some time to update eventho I know no one will read haha. And last but not least what's more important is that I'm currently a BTS trash which makes an ARMY and I'm stuck with their songs ♥

ps : sorry my english sucks

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