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My blog is going to be dead soon. It actually died 7 months ago and came back to life today and might be dead again after this. hoho

It's been like forever since my last update (technically, it's about.. yeah 7 months). My last update was on November 2, 2014 before my SPM. Many things happened, life changes, I got old and some other serious shit. I'm going to make a super duper long entry so don't make a fuss about it. Okay?

Year 2015 started like.....6 month ago. I have become a junior student now. Eh junior ke? Yes yes I'm a junior in Universiti Teknologi Mara. I still can't believe that I'm already this old and I've finish my secondary school. I felt super old and I have very important things to do like what the heck.

Why does the time flies so fast. Sobs T^T
It felt like just yesterday I stepped into middle school. and now I'm already form end it and entered UiTM. I'm so not ready for test, quizzes, assignments and final. What am I going to do!~

There's so many things that I want to do. So many shows to watch, so many animes to watch, so many movies to watch, but so little time. sobs sobs

Okay, stop being so emotional. Life must go on.

Be amazing. There is no magic pixie dust. Be confident, but not too overconfident. You choose this path. make sure your eyes look straight to your goals and achieve it.

Brrrr penat lah speaking. hish! Warning : This entry gonna be rojak. Dah lama tak update blog lah katakan. Nak update kat kolej lappy takde sebab masa minggu pertama tak bawa lappy plus wifi pun memang laju gila nak matey haha. Jadi sementara cuti puasa kat rumah ni kita hupdate lah ye.

Uni's life setakat ni okay² sahaja. Not too good and not too bad. Minggu pertama, Minggu Destini Siswa (MDS) memang tak rapat dengan sesiapa kecuali roommate. Memang nak kemana pun berkepit dengan dia je. Nasib baik course sama. Sep sikit! Hoho beria. Don't know how to describe it, penat tapi best. Akak² dengan abang² PM memang daebak!

Kelas? Best sebab kolej dekat dengan block² kelas haha. Classmates dengan lectures semua awesome and sporting. Tapi awal² ni masih tak rapat dengan semua orang lagi. Everyday pergi kelas saing Sharifah dengan sabrina sebab kebetulan kitorang satu kolej. hee untungny sep sikit lagi sekali! Tbh I'm not really friendly pun dalam kelas sebab memang bergaul dengan orang yang kite rapat je sebab malu sebab taknak jadi over awal² ni sebab taknak orang fikir kite ni pelik. Eh banyak betul sebab. Tapi sebenarnya kite kisah okay pasal diorang semua, memang nak kawan dengan semua cuma kalau nak borak tu tak tau nak cakap pasal apa. Memang nak kena orang mulakan conversation dulu baru kite bercakap. Sebab tu mendiam seribu bahasa.

And here's my most favourite picture of all.. tadaaa xD

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