Happy Birthday Minho! |

To Minoo oppa. Prince charming oppa. Flaming charisma oppa. Kang Tae Joon oppa.

I know it's late for this, but I'd rather have it be late then never.

Oppa, you're very special to all of us.  I don’t even know how all the years flew by so quickly! You keep us smile when we really don’t think we can anymore!  You're the one that always there to comfort your hyungs whenever they cry. There's nothing makes us happier than seeing you smile!  You never fail to make me happy and goes completely awestruck!

Choi Minho. You big dork! You're one year older now but you're still the childish man we all SHAWOL love. You always tries to act cool and suave but fails in the end. Through this past years we've seen you grow up and becoming the successful man you’re today. You're such a kind and sweet guy. Although sometimes you can be kind of weird with your silliest reaction, you make me smile everyday and you make me a happier person I ever thought I could be. With your perfection and with your flaws. Your competitive spirit is always amusing but forever inspiring because who can make fun of a spirit that wants to win instead of simply giving up.

Do you know how much I in love with you when I watch 'To The Beautiful You' drama, and I'm so jealous with Sulli. How could you do that to me, but I still love you! I'm also jealous with YooGeun in SHINee Hallo Baby. I wish I could really switch place with them.

Oppa, I love you because you're the one who walks the slowest in the group, who trains hard enough to try out for the Olympics, who loves to cling to his hyungs, who constantly tries his hardest to be the ‘number one appa’ in Yoogeun’s heart, who puts his all into singing, who is competitive in everything, who can’t sit still, who has the loveliest smile on Earth, who likes being called handsome, who says he can’t live without his SHINee members, who is the king of Dream Team and who makes us all so happy that he’s in SHINee.

Minhunny, jeongmal mianhae. I haven't been keeping up to any of your story lately. I've been busy with other stuff until I forgot about SHINee. But I promise that I'll always support you no matter what.

You have been a major source of happiness over the years and I want you to feel that same happiness. Keep that wonderful heart and always give us your dazzling smile. You're the best to your fans. We all love you.


PIC SPAMMING! NGEH~ NGEH~ [Don't care if you hate it. xP]

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Blogger Havinue said on Wednesday, December 11, 2013 3:27:00 am  

ngeh ngeh. Saengil Chukae hamnida minho *terlambat*

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