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Guyz, really need your opinion. what do you think of this skin?
Ada problem sikit kot dekat font blog ni sebab bila kte preview dye kejap normal kejap besar gedabak.
tak tau lah kalau korang tengok ok jee.

Please do comment what you like and what you hate about this blog.
This is not my skins, i download it from blogskins.

Kte guna skins ni sebab kte nak blog simple je.
Lagipown kte rase macam skin yang kte selalu pakai tu serabut and macam lambat nak load je.

I really not an expert in editting.
So please comment.

Blogger zainatul abu bakar said on Monday, December 10, 2012 11:21:00 pm  

OK je dear. Simple is the best :)

Blogger ★ ɥɹɐן ɐʎɐʎ said on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 1:08:00 am  

Nice la dear , n the font , ok je , x tlalu bsr , x tlalu kcik,

Nak yang awesome , MELETOPS , WOW , .

Buat blog btambah comel ?

Ingin direview ?

Blogger Teddy_chimi said on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 1:21:00 am  

assalam...saya rasa font ni besar sangat kot...cube awk search body{ bwahnya ada x tulis font-size:
awak ganti jadi font-size:11px;
hrap membantu...^^,

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